Unlawful Detainer


SERVED is the primary source for evicting tenants and homeowners in California, and Las Vegas, Nevada. Our clients consist of individual real estate investors to Worldwide Banks. Additionally, we are the go-to affiliate for Attorney Service Companies all over the United States.

Our Eviction Team handles, prepares, and serves a large volume of Unlawful Detainer Complaints each day, and is ready to assist you with your matter. Our Registered, Bonded, and Liability Insured Process Servers are instructed to get your notices posted the day the notice is received, and to Personally Serve each named defendant in the Complaint immediately after the Complaint is filed.

Our services are unmatched. We are the ONLY complete Eviction Service in California.

The entire process is delivered by our in house team. This not only provides the fastest turnaround times, but the most cost effective solution to evicting your tenants.

To schedule a matter, call our offices and speak to one of our smiling team members today!