Court Filing


Like our Service of Process Team, our Court Runners work around the clock.

A team of Certified Document Court Runners are on rotation throughout the day to accommodate the needs of our clients. Our offices are located within footsteps of most California Courthouses and can handle any last minute assignment.

When you send your assignment to SERVED, we believe that you are trusting our experience, knowledge, and ability to get the job done promptly and effectively. Upon receiving your documents, our team of Legal Document Specialists will review, and sort your documents before your documents leave our offices. If there is a document missing, you will be contacted immediately to avoid any interference with having your documents filed that day.

Our offices have direct communication with our Court Runners, and should there be any questions or concerns, you will be contacted by a member of our office team. We do not permit our Court Runners to broadcast your matters at the department window.

We value your business and expect that you are completely satisfied with our service.



To order, follow these 3 Simple Steps:
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Complete and Print the Court Services Form


Complete and print the Credit Card Authorization Form


eMail, Fax, or send the completed forms via standard mail